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Quick Text Pay is now Park Thrive!

Turn underused parking spaces
into thriving revenue streams

Unlocking Hidden Parking Potential

Any parking lot not operating at full capacity around the clock is a missed opportunity. If there's demand, there's potential for profit, and we are committed to unlocking it for you.


Turn your parking lot into a steady revenue stream with our hassle-free solutions

Prominent sign stating: "Scan here to park" provided by americas parking prefered parking solution provider.


We are proud to introduce QuickTextPay's new branding as ParkThrive. We believe this reflects the incredible growth we have experienced since our journey began and represents our commitment to unlocking parking revenue.

We've changed our look, but our mission remains the same

Quick Text Pay is now Park Thrive arrow vector art
Sand dunes in a sunny desert climate
Quick Text Pay is now Park Thrive arrow vector art
Quick Text Pay is now Park Thrive arrow vector art

Offer paid parking after hours or on weekends to raise revenue

Business Owners

Enable paid parking or enable enforcement to raise revenue from unauthorized parkers

Enterprise Businesses

Turn underused parking into a steady income source and maximize property value across your portfolio

Property Owners


From small businesses to national brands, we tailor our solution to fit the unique needs of each location

Convert underused parking areas into profitable assets without the hassle of construction


We handle the setup, from convenient scan-to-pay signs to ongoing management


Our no-download software ensures simple payment processes for drivers and industry leading conversion


Seamlessly manage your lot's availability, pricing, and control settings from our online dashboard


We're invested in your success; our partnership model means we only make money if you do


"We are located right next to a sushi restaurant and people going there would often park in our parking lot…the extra funds we earn are a breath of fresh air and helps take a little load off of our shoulders."

Tom - Manager/Administrator at RISE™Robotics

How we helped a small business capitalize on parkers heading to the restaurant next door


Exactly what we were looking for! The system was super quick and easy to implement. Our company has a new source of income where had none before.

Tom R.

Lab Manager

Working with their management and staff has been effortless for us. They are lightening fast at responding to concerns or requests and are always most friendly.

Mark C.

President | Hospitality

This is a fantastic way to bring additional revenue to a small and growing organization with prime parking real estate in downtown Portland.

Lucy B.

Senior Associate | Research,

Reach out today and find out how much your parking spaces are worth.

Are you ready to uncover the value of your parking lot?